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Access– Our exclusive trading platform empowers you to do what your customers want most of all – to actively engage with them and let them know how important they are to you.

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Communicate – Interact with your customers, vendors, and buyers directly to help eliminate the need for a middle man.

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Assistance – We specialize in developing and expanding international sales and growth, on both sides of the coin.
Your vision is our goal. Once you have completed your profile on our site, we will be able to begin a one-on-one with you.

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First of All The Global B2B Marketplace is Fast, Effective, and Safe for both you and your Suppliers. We offer advanced, intuitive interface and tools that help you connect with hundreds of buyers, find new clients and increase profits

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Get worldwide exposure to buyers searching for trusted brands. You can also leverage our tools to connect with buyers from a wide range of sectors & industries. 

With a detailed brand profile, your benefits will automatically increase. In addition to all of the above, you will receive these not-to-be missed advantages. 

Connect – Engage and communicate with customers, vendors, and buyers directly.  You can now actively network, create and build valuable new relationships.

Reduce costs – market your goods/services online, which can dramatically reduce the costs associated with travel from tradeshows/events.

Be seen by the world – your profile is automatically made visible worldwide.

Receive meaningful marketing services – We work one-on-one to create a winning profile that conveys the value and USPs of your product/brand/identity and we will select and promote your offers through a network of worldwide influencers and outlets.

We make it easy for new prospects to find you, both on and offline whilst continuously endorsing the value of your products or services.

Promote – EQ Platform allows you to announce your News, Articles and Blogs about your company to a broader audience.

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