Be safe during the pandemic, use masks, and maintain distance!

It was 30Th January 2020, when the World Health Organization’s Director-General declared the outbreak of Covid-19 to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern and gave out a set of temporary recommendations. Understanding the Pandemic  In the beginning, it was a mild illness for most people. But the reality was completely different from what was being felt. The disease which was named Covid-19 or Corona was making people severely ill and was fatal for most of them. The older people and the children were the easy targets of this pandemic; moreover, people with high blood pressure, heart problems, or diabetes appeared to be more susceptible. The death toll due to Covid-19 has already exceeded the death toll that occurred during Ebola, MERS, and SARS. It mainly happened due to a misunderstanding of people regarding the disease as initially it was not taken as a serious or fatal disease. It spread like wildfire and affected the whole world and thus there a time came when it became a must to plan some policies or regulations to bring it to a halt. What challenges were experienced during Covid-19?          Apart from the challenge of the massive death toll, the world had to face several other challenges as well, such as the global economic recession due to the increased number of workers being sick, a ban on transporting goods made the industries to remain closed. The medical and healthcare systems became dazed. It took several countries towards unbearable loss and battling with Corona became difficult with each passing day. It became more horrible when it attacked the economy, the developed countries managed to survive, but the underdeveloped countries and the people suffered a lot because of the financial crisis as many were either fired or the companies suspended their operations. Many people flew back to their native countries who were working to feed their families and the students who were going to study abroad were also asked to move back to their countries. Covid-19 affected several departments such as education, import, export, manufacturing, and the list is long What were the strategies planned by the World Health Organization? The WHO was more focused on stopping the transmission and preventing it to spread further. In order to prevent it is further spreading the steps were taken on emergency grounds:

  1. The lockdown was imposed in many countries and people were asked to stay home and not to go out unless it is an emergency.
  2. Online work was preferred and encouraged to keep the hazardous health condition in view and for the safety of people.
  3. People with cases in a family, with either a few or no symptoms, were requested for Covid-19 tests.
  4. A complete ban was imposed on international as well as domestic traveling to avoid human interaction and promote social distancing.
  5. Educational institutions were asked to be closed until the situation gets better all over the world.
  6. Following Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs became mandatory in offices, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals, etc. In which people were asked to wear masks, gloves and to maintain the social distancing was made compulsory.

What can be the safety measures during the Covid-19 Pandemic?          No one will be safe from Covid-19 until everyone is safe. Be it the poorest or richest individuals, everyone is either suffering from it or is terrified of being infected. This virus is going to be a worldwide threat to its residents as long as the vaccines and treatment are made available to all which seems impossible in the current situation.   Therefore, it is better to strictly follow the SOPs and the safety measures at our end to stay safe and protected. It is, therefore, required to wear masks and maintain a social distance from others as the virus is very powerful and spreads easily if someone coughs or sneezes. So it is recommended by doctors and researchers that wearing a mask can protect people from inhaling the bacteria. Moreover, wearing gloves can also be very advantageous as it stops the transmission of the virus from one hand to another.

Face Masks: Face and surgical masks are examples of personal protective equipment, that play a vital role in protecting the wearer from aerial particles and other liquids that contaminate the face. Quality masks are designed in such a way that the edges of the respirator seal around the nose and mouth provide efficient filtration of aerial particles. The most important point to understand is that the masks should not be shared or reused.   We provide you the best quality materials as we firmly believe that a healthy environment can lead to healthy people and during this Covid-19 pandemic, your safety is our priority. The Covid-19 is yet fatal and has already caused the highest death toll so far. Therefore, wearing a mask can be beneficial and can keep you protected in many ways. To order, visit our website:

Data: August 25, 2020