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“Promoting your brand is what we are all about”

Our interactive tools will help potential customers learn about your brand and products and guide them to take action.

Interested in expanding your company’s reach and exploring new markets?

“Don’t let those valued visitors fly away.”

  • Prospects and site visitors can come from various sources, so it’s essential to keep track of them. One time they might come from Facebook, another from LinkedIn, and so on.
  • EQ Trading will work with your brand profile, content, blogs, social ads, and backlinks to cross-promote your site and platform for a cohesive message and campaign objectives. This distribution will help you keep those valuable visitors engaged.

Your product deserve the best.

At EQTRADING, we offer each client’s brand a personalized service. We work with your sales and marketing departments to learn about your brand, products, and who your customers are. Then, our team of experienced writers creates a profile that will include features that will help you connect your product more effectively with new and existing clients.

Brand Profile Features

Introducing your company and products to potential customers through a well-crafted custom profile is one of the best ways to get their attention. Our team of expert content writers will help you write 700 words that are sure to engage and resonate with your target audience.

Profile Features

Profile Content
Interactive videos
product brochure
brand video review
Custom inquiry form

Attention. Engagement. Conversion.

Our tools can help you create amazing interactive content that will grab attention, keep people engaged, and help you close conversions.

Customizable Video

You provide us with your product video, and we’re able to customize it. Select the colors, styles, and designs to match your brand and CTAs to lead to your site, schedule a meeting, purchase your product, and much more.

Product Brochure

A complete and unique display of your product brochure with voice-over for the pages of your choice

Customer Review Video

One product review using our brand video features. This customized video link can display your company’s logo, photos, and questions, and can be sent to your clients for recording or uploading their own reviews.

Inquiry Form

A Customized inquiry form

Let’s build your brand profile & share it with new clients!