The Advantage of Working with a Freelance

A typical translation workflow involves a sales person, a project manager, and several linguists providing translation and proofreading services. Each of these professionals plays an important role in ensuring that a translation project is performed according to the client’s needs, that applicable quality standards are applied, and that the translation product is delivered on time and under budget. Language Service Providers (LSPs) typically employ in-house project managers and salespeople but outsource the actual translation tasks to freelance translators.

LSPs benefit from outsourcing by maintaining independent contractor relationships with their linguists rather than costlier employment contracts. In turn, freelance translators benefit from outsourcing by receiving a steady flow of work without the need to allocate precious time to sales and customer service tasks, allowing them to specialize in the actual translation work. I work hard to maintain a reputation for consistently producing publication-quality texts under deadlines and over 95% of my experience comes from long-term relationships with prestigious LSPs in the industry. Having more than 14 years of experience working for LSPs allows me to offer my direct services to direct clients. 

Data: April 18, 2019