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Looking to sell internationally? Does your buyer need assistance with compliance and customs clearance for your product? If so, then let EQ Platform help you marketing your product and connecting you with new clients!

Sell your products and services to an international market!

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Reaching New Markets

Your Seller offer features

Fulfilling the international purchasing process 

Complete Product Description

Details of your Product will be displayed in a professional manner.

– Complete product description, images and features

– Product classification and Tariff number

Price Negotiations, Buyer & Seller Communications

The importance of communication when establishing new relationships and purchasing internationally for the best pricing for both parties, purchase details, and delivery agreements.                                                                                                                                           

Customs Clearance - Compliance & Shipping

The purchaser’s experience is of utmost importance to our clients. Your buyer if needed will have access to professional assistance from a customs broker located in your buyer’s country in order to provide the best service possible.                                                    

Selling Internationally

Connect to new Markets, increase revenue

Don’t know how to connect with international buyers? That’s where your seller offers comes in. A detailed description of your product and any additional information that customers will need -Images to help customers better understand your product -Shipping and Packing information



We make your business available to the world

No matter what products you are selling, you need an advertisement that speaks to your customer, as well as a customs broker to make sure your buyer gets the product will help seal the deal.


Fulfilling your international selling goals